Persistence with Purpose! Learn how to STOP EXERCISING and START TRAINING. Tired of not getting results? Get proven fitness programming that gives you the results you want and continues to build on the foundation you create. Join a community of people committed to change!

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Every Tenacity
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Super Convenient & Easy to Use
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Easy to use programming 
6 days of weekly programming
Exercise & programming that is progressive
Video instruction and coaching tips/advice for 
each training session
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Track your progress through logging metrics, or by looking through your history
A coach ready to answer any questions & give feedback of your lifts through video analysis
The SOVRN Community to help encourage, build up, and edify you
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Persistence with Purpose


If you are like me and are striving to be the strongest & healthiest version of yourself, then I am sure you can relate to the struggles. I struggled to put on muscle mass and stay healthy/injury free. I would consistently plateau in strength and my general fitness, then take some time off AND BOOM.. back to the beginning! Something was wrong, but I couldn't put my finger on it.  

One day it dawned on me that I was doing too much. I was exercising aimlessly, had no structure, goals, or plan in place to help me reach what I was "exercising" for.  I finally came to the conclusion that I had been "Exercising"
NOT "Training."  The difference between the two is "Training" has purpose and structure, while exercise alone does not.  

Training with purpose has been the game changer. I now have consistent growth with my power, strength, and endurance.  Having a "Why" is everything in the strength and conditioning world.  Don't be the person that works as hard as they can aimlessly to try to achieve their goals.  No structure = no results.

Follow a program that has a "Why" & "Purpose," and will help you achieve goals that have been eluding you without compromising your health! Start training with SOVRN's program, TENACITY,  today with our 7-day free trial.
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"Learn to Start Training with Purpose"

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