If you are ready to take your strength and conditioning to the next level, then SOVRN may be a great fit for you.  We offer private in-person, as well as, online coaching at an elite level.  Unmatched with attention to detail, SOVRN will provide you with the results that have been eluding you for so long.  Using a Conjugate based approach to developing strength and aerobic conditioning, SOVRN will help you achieve your goals. 


Persistence with Purpose! Learn how to STOP EXERCISING and START TRAINING. A subscription based program that provides unmatched fitness programming and coaching through a convenient mobile app. Tired of not getting results? Joining Tenacity will give you the fitness programming that will give you the long-eluding results that you've desired.  Tenacity is a Conjugate based approach to strength training & aerobic conditioning that will yield results unlike any training program you have ever used. Become a strong and well-conditioned athlete today!

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Every Tenacity
User Gets  

Super Convenient & Easy to Use
Easy to use programming 
3 days of weekly programming
Exercise & programming that is progressive
Video instruction and coaching tips/advice for 
each training session
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Track your progress through logging metrics, or by looking through your history
A coach ready to answer any questions & give feedback of your lifts through video analysis
The SOVRN Community to help encourage, build up, and edify you
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Persistence with Purpose


If you are like me and are striving to be the strongest & healthiest version of yourself, then I am sure you can relate to the struggles. I struggled to put on muscle mass and stay healthy/injury free. I would consistently plateau in strength and my general fitness, then take some time off AND BOOM.. back to the beginning! Something was wrong, but I couldn't put my finger on it.  

One day it dawned on me that I was doing too much. I was exercising aimlessly, had no structure, goals, or plan in place to help me reach what I was "exercising" for.  I finally came to the conclusion that I had been "Exercising"
NOT "Training."  The difference between the two is "Training" has purpose and structure, while exercise alone does not.  

Training with purpose has been the game changer. I now have consistent growth with my power, strength, and endurance.  Having a "Why" is everything in the strength and conditioning world.  Don't be the person that works as hard as they can aimlessly to try to achieve their goals.  No structure = no results.

Follow a program that has a "Why" & "Purpose," and will help you achieve goals that have been eluding you without compromising your health! Start training with SOVRN's program, TENACITY,  today with our 7-day free trial.
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"Learn to Start Training with Purpose"

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Persistence with Purpose

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