Stop Exercising and Start Training Using "Tenacity"

Most people go the majority of their lives without ever understanding how to properly exercise.  Any person can go into the gym and work themselves into the ground, but not everyone can train for growth that extends a lifetime.  Tenacity, "Persistence with Purpose", is a program that will teach and emphasize the importance of "Training."  It will provide the means to establish a foundation, then help you build upon that solid foundation! Say goodbye to the never ending cycle of ups and downs that never lead you to the goals you set out for. 

What you can expect?

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Get a blueprint that builds a foundation and progresses you continuously month-after-month and year-after-year.


A Structured Plan

Tried & True Methods

Get programming that doesn't include a bunch of fluff, but instead, a program that is based off of proven methods to ensure maximal results.

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Equipment Needs Covered

If you lack certain pieces of equipment that a normal gym would offer, then just tell us and we will give you more exercise options for your specific 

Coaching tips

Get the coaches insights, thoughts, and instruction for each training session.  Along with detailed instructions, this input can help your sessions go from average to extremely effective.

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Strategic warmups, cooldowns, mobility

Get warmups, cooldowns, and mobility  that are specific to your daily sessions to help you be even better prepared for the tasked movements. 

Prevent injuries & overtraining

Get proven programming that takes the ego out of lifting and helps you focus on longterm growth that's sustainable.


I have had issues my whole life staying consistent, healthy and on track with my training.  Tenacity has given me the structure to succeed and like the program says, there is purpose.  I love how goal oriented it is and how it doesn't make my body ache like the burn out Crossfit sessions I used to do daily.


Been working out for over 15 years and had hit quite a plateau over last 2 to 3 years and lost a bit of motivation from a lack of progress. Tenacity quickly changed that. I was able to build up to my previous strength PR's and over 6 months i was establishing new PR's! thanks SOVRN for your continued help and look forward to seeing how much further we can go! Recommend to all levels of fitness with or without injuries, you will get stronger and faster!"


The Tenacity program has changed the way I view my fitness and training goals. Not only have I continued to get stronger but I feel amazing. I don't feel hurt and I don't feel over worked. This program is the perfect mix of strength and endurance training! Highly recommend the tenacity literally changed my life!

Tired of not getting consistent results? 

Train Smarter, not harder // with Purpose

Do you remember when you first started your fitness journey and the weights just kept going up?  Then after awhile, things started getting harder and harder to see results.  You start thinking, "I just need to work harder!"  Only to find that the harder you worked continued to yield you nothing but plateaus?

I do! I was on a fitness journey that was like a roller coaster, just tons and tons of up and downs without any steady, tangible and continued success.  This rollercoaster led me to breakdown and analyze what seemed to be the issue with my training.  I came to find a common denominator in everything I was observing, I was not consistently building on my training and I was constantly finding myself ego lifting in the gym.  

That ego lifting, where I would just randomly lift as heavy as possible or where I'd push myself as hard as possible, always set me back.  You train randomly, then expect random results.  Push it as hard as you can every workout? Then, expect to burn out quickly!  Yes, that is directed at the majority of our CrossFit friends.  

The good news is that it doesn't have to be that way! In this case, less is more.  When I started doing less and was more strategic with my strength/fitness programming, the barriers that were once holding me back from seeing success were broken and my power, strength, and endurance all increased significantly.  Not only have I continued to see success, but I have been able to sustain it.  I am no longer on that rollercoaster, instead, I am in the best shape of my life and looking great as well!

The methods I used to change my own life, I have applied in the programming of TENACITY, so I could share the success with anyone and everyone wanting to get out of ruts, and the results that are constantly eluding them!

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of methods do you use? 

TENACITY implements a variety of methods, but the predominant form of programming is based off of the conjugate method with an emphasis on RPE training (rate of perceived exertion).  This allows greater flexibility in the training and makes the training more realistic and applicable to our everyday lives.  For example, RPE allows you to go based off of how you are feeling that day; instead of having to stick to numbers/percentages and forcing yourself to do certain loads and volume when you may have had a really rough week of sleep.  I'm a dad, so I get it!

How is this program different than others?

TENACITY is different from most other programs because we don't have any fluff in our programming, and it is a program that builds on itself.  We have a blueprint that we build on annually to keep our clients growing and engaged. No random workouts!!

How much coaching will be provided?

TENACITY is a group program, so if you are looking for 1:1 coaching that is offered separately.  With that being said, we are here to help you succeed, so if you have a question about your training or possibly need to modify a certain portion of your lift, then we will be ready to help you overcome that problem.

Is there a free trial?

YES! We have an absolutely free 7-day trial that you can cancel anytime, or keep and be billed after the 7-day trial has expired.

Can I join whenever?

Absolutely! You can join in the middle of a training cycle, and just pick up there, get the feel for things, and start there.

What if I am injured?

If you have injuries, but are cleared to train by a licensed physician, then TENACITY will help you develop the proper motor control to help you to pain-free movement.  Coaches will also be available to help answer questions or provide alternative movements if needed.  

More Questions?